river park
green project overlooking the embankment
The apartment is located in a new panel building, which greatly limited the choice of planning solutions. At the same time, a family of four needed a large number of storage spaces, for the organization of which they had to resort to non-standard solutions.
Stylistically, I wanted to fill the apartment with colors and ornaments that create a feeling of comfort. However, I didn't want to overload the interior, since a lot of functionality was placed in a small area, and there was no room left for decorative richness. Already at the first meeting with customers, we chose the color scheme of the interior: green shades in harmonious combinations of blue, pink and gray for different rooms.
We managed to retain a lot of air in the interior.
Linear elements set a light stylistic interpretation that was more appropriate for this apartment
In the process of creating the interior, the main principles of the studio's work were not forgotten: the interior should be sensual, creating emotions, but reasonable and appropriate. The home interior is the individual history of a particular family.
Most of the windows of the apartment overlook the embankment with a beautiful view, while we managed to coordinate the combination of a kitchen and a balcony with panoramic glazing. The kitchen turned out to be light, which made it possible to place the kitchen island that the family dreamed of. When designing the kitchen, scenarios of an ordinary day in the life of a family were played out, making the result very functional.
To organize storage, a spacious closet with mezzanines is provided in the hall, the color and pattern of which were chosen very quickly, but the customers could not decide on green doors for a very long time. At the entrance there is another closet with an hidden section with hooks where you can hang children's not very dry and clean clothes.
There are a girl and a boy of approximately the same age, they were given the largest room and the problem was solved of how to organize their own corner for privacy for each, so "birdhouses" appeared above the bed of each child.
To organize storage in the bedroom, we made a dressing room, making it lighter with a glass partition. At the same time, a minimum amount of space was left for the bed; this was a necessary compromise.
Colors reminiscent of relaxation were chosen as the basis for the bathroom. The room turned out to be soulful and functional at the same time.