western valley
townhouse for a family with two kids
This is a project for a townhouse, which we acquired for ourselves quite a long time ago. It was an empty rectangular space with panoramic windows with an area of 86 sqm, in which we wanted to place two living rooms and a large combined kitchen / living room.
We really liked the townhouse for its location and glazing on three sunny sides. But the planning solutions in it were very limited, since the location of the windows brought me back to the layout proposed by the developer. The end result was small but very bright living rooms; there was space for a separate shower room, a large main bathroom and a spacious dressing room. The main place of the family is the combined kitchen with the living room; it turned out to be the most spacious and bright.
Construction works took four months. For me it was a really good training in optimal planning of construction and design work. The family wanted to move into a completely finished house. Already in the first weeks of construction I had to order cabinet furniture, choose colors, purchase tiles, textiles and lighting.
While shaping the style, I had complete freedom, with only two wishes from my husband: to make a separate shower room in a laconic and rather monochrome design, and to use tiles throughout the entire floor of the apartment. I struggled with the last condition for a long time (I wanted wood), but the practical side won (warm floors in winter are additional comfort). When choosing tiles, I wanted to get away from the visual illusion of cold stone under my feet, so I opted for a large format (90 x 90 cm) porcelain tile from Lea Ceramiche with a fabric texture.
While working on the interior, I tried to combine a practical idea of a comfortable home for my loved ones and my creative implementation. I am close to geometry, graphics, color accents. I used a lot of geometry when designing the joinery, and decided to make one section of tall cabinets with stripes with a metal overlay pattern.
Color combinations are my favorite part of the project, but here I was more likely to create a base in each room for later decor, which I like to change.
There was a lot of unique and vintage furniture throughout the project. Among the ready-made acquisitions are the Arkhpole shelving unit and cabinet, and Alexey Tiskin's table.
I really wanted to do a large-scale wall painting in my home. In the corridor, where were six doors open at once, I decided to hide three doors: hidden doors together with the corridor wall, became a single six-meter canvas for painting.
I developed the sketch for the painting, inspired by the graphics and sculptures of contemporary artists, but created many elements based on my daughter's drawings. She draws a lot and I often use her work in home decor. The artist Nikita Golubev helped me finalize the sketch and transfer it to the wall.

In this project, it was important for me to realize my artistic aspirations, as well as think through the functionality of every corner of the house for comfortable living for the whole family.
The bedroom and children's room are very small rooms in which the most necessary functions are concentrated. All the clothes storage is in the dressing room; in addition to the bed, the bedroom has space for a book rack.

Two bedroom walls are almost completely opened by panoramic windows. It creates the feeling of a terrace where it's nice to wake up, read and draw.

I gave the main bathroom a feminine character, but only with hints. This is a surprise room, no one expects to see behind a hidden door a large bathroom with a window, a chandelier and a combination of burgundy and green.