bright wardrobe project
Based on previous projects for doctors, and this is precisely the field in which the landlady works, I knew in advance that doctors dislike white color, which they associate with work. And so it happened. Already at the first meeting, the customer asked "More color, some shades of wine and... no white!" At the same time, her husband showed the ideal, in his opinion, interiors with white walls and an abundance of wood. As a result, for each family member - mother, father and little child - not only their own room was created, but also their own color schemes.
The common living room-kitchen area combined the wishes of both spouses: color and a lot of wood. Even the ceilings were not left white. There is an accent wall here - a green niche is painted with chalk paint, and opposite there is an even more accent niche with a kitchen, which, with its color and active wood texture, sets the mood for the entire interior.
The most interesting item is the ceramic lampshades, which turned out exactly as I had in mind. Lightweight checkered sheet.
Since the owner, in addition to her main job, gives lessons at home, she needed an isolated office. Other wishes include a workspace for the husband, a dressing room, a spacious children's room and, if possible, a guest room. As a result, the center of the apartment was given over to the kitchen-living room. It turned out to be compact, but managed to accommodate a table with a comfortable sofa, a closed kitchen, and a small island. Next to the kitchen-living room is the hostess's office, which also serves as a guest room and a relaxation area - in the evenings they watch movies here. The night area contains a children's room, a bedroom with its own wardrobe and a main bathroom.
The office is a laconic continuation of the kitchen-living room. The colors are lighter and the wall has custom wallpaper with a map of San Francisco printed on it, a request from the owner. In the area of my husband's office, located on the insulated balcony next to the bedroom, we, on the contrary, almost removed the color, leaving dark gray colors and wood textures. I painted my painting "The Path" while working on this project, and it surprisingly fit perfectly into the interior and was loved by the customers.
The kids' room was made light, but the color was kept. To create an interior that will grow together with children, we created a universal cabinet decor and, even at the design stage, chose the perfect pendant lamp for this interior. It got into the client's soul so much that at the time of ordering, she could not look at anything else. However, the chosen chandelier has already been sold out throughout Europe. Then the client wrote directly to the designer, and he helped us purchase almost the last copy in this color. The client's relatives laughed because, in their opinion, the cardboard chandelier was not worth such a fuss. And only when the entire interior was assembled everyone appreciated our efforts.
As a result, with a limited budget, we managed to create an interior that both husband and wife really liked, despite their very different wishes at the beginning of the project. The interior turned out to be very individual, it will not suit everyone, but my customers are the ones who are happy!